My Approach

Every part of my role is to enhance the chances of my clients to have a positive birthing and life-with-a-newborn experience. So what is my approach to my role and why?

Both my births were inductions. The first one was traumatic, to me, and made it difficult for me to form that initial bond. My second one, which looks worse on paper, is one I remember with love. The main difference was how prepared I was. So when I started out as a Doula I thought this was the key really. But as I've attended births, I'm now thinking that perhaps I was wrong. Because there are circumstances which you can't prepare for.

I still feel that knowledge is power, and having a powerful mind will go a long way in a birth setting. But it's the support which will help a woman in labour. Real,emotional, psychological and physical support.

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Having said all that though, there are things I naturally do cover. because the world of babies is foreign to most of us until we fall pregnant. It doesn't matter if you're Swedish or British, we will all feel a bit lost and we will have a whole new vocabulary to learn. My prep sessions with you will therefore include general practical aspects that are simply useful to know. You might want a full lesson or an informal chat; again you decide how we do it. Personally I am fond of having a lot of information and then talking it through at length. That's just the kind of person I am, and it's something I want to bring to you. 

I also believe strongly in the 1-1 support element a Doula brings. Simply by you knowing that there is someone you can talk to without feeling silly or needy will help you enormously. After the birth, it will still be me who comes to see you if you want. You can hire me to deliver your breastfeeding support or as your postnatal Doula. It's that true continuity of carer which is being talked about in the news at the moment. I probably feel even stronger about it, since my own family was thousands of miles away in Sweden and I just don't want anyone to feel lonely.