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I believe, like all Doulas, that my work is led by the woman and her wishes. But for a woman who's expecting her first child, knowing what those wishes are may not yet be clear. I have therefore developed a Birth package which cover as many areas which may be useful when it comes to the birth and caring for a newborn. I would encourage anyone to take full advantage of this. My recommended birth package includes the following as minimum:

  • Ante natal preparation work, spread over at least three meetings.  Most Doulas offer two meeting as a minimum, but I don't think this is sufficient time to get  to know each other properly, and create both a bond and trust as well as give you all the information to fully prepare you for the birth and the early days. Together we will decide on what you need to feel as prepared for your birth as you can be. This can include birth physiology, writing your birth wishes (birth plan), debriefing on a previous birth, normal newborn behaviour and much more. If you don't know what you want, I'll prepare some sessions and we'll take it from there. 

  • 28 days on call period around your due date, usually between 38-42 weeks. Where possible, you can choose you own dates. 

  • The Birth. I will stay until baby has had his/her first feed and you are settled.

  • One post natal visit. The visit is to give you the opportunity to ask questions about your labour and birth or help with breastfeeding.  

If you want to have more post natal visits and less ante natal meetings, or the other way around we can discuss this. I will be as flexible as possible to make sure the package as close to your needs as possible.

I cover Worcestershire and areas just outside and around the Worcestershire border. Please contact me to see if I cover your area and for my current fee. 

Birth Only Package

Maybe you have been booked in suddenly for an induction and you'd like to have a Doula. This package does not include an on call period and is valid between the day of the scheduled induction to the birth of the baby. 

  • The birth

Please contact me for further information as price will depend on your circumstances.


Breastfeeding Coach & Postnatal Doula

I have years of experience supporting mothers with breast feeding. What I have learnt is that it is a skill and that there there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution when it comes to feeding your baby. It comes down to learning about you and your baby and your combined preferences. My aim is always to help you exclusively breastfeed your baby if that is what YOU want. I will listen to you and help you in a way which works for you and your family.

I will also stay to help you with your baby, so you can get some sleep or a shower. It can be very comforting to know that someone is coming a few times/week to help you get used to your new role without the medical element of heel pricking, hear tests or weigh-ins. My job is to make you feel happier, more relaxed and more informed. I can help with picking up an older sibling from nursery or go to the shop for you. Together we can work out a plan.


It can be invaluable to have someone with you for longer periods of time, including at night to help.

You can book me:

  • Overnight 10pm-6am. £175

  • In blocks of 20 hours for postnatal support including breastfeeding support if needed/wanted. £360

Please contact me for further information.


Antenatal Coach

Part of my role is to find tailor-made antenatal information for a woman's individual circumstances. This can be very useful if she needs to make a difficult decision around her care. 


I also give women an opportunity to debrief previous stressful birth experiences and explore if we can find way to reduce the possibility of the same stressful situations happening again by taking the time to write a meaningful birth plan. 

Having that individual 1-1 contact as an addition to a general antenatal class can greatly reduce any stress prior to birth.

Please contact me if you feel like you might benefit from this type of support.


Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:


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