Night time Breastfeeding Support

In Worcestershire, we are very lucky to have comparitely far reaching breastfeeding support for free. We have dedicated NHS breastfeeding support workers as well as NCT breastfeeding councellors who can come to your house and spend time with you.

Unfortunately, they may be limited to one or two visits as well as not being available at the time when new mothers need them the most; during the night.

Newborn babies tend to be very active during the night and being awake during the night can e the single most difficult aspect of having a baby. If it's a mothers first baby, she has usually just left a full time job and her days have been well defined by 12 hours of morning/daytime and 12 hours of evening/nighttime. She will also be used to getting a certain amount of hours of sleep every night, depending on her needs. Having this pattern disrupted can be very challenging, most of suffer when we just change the clock by one hour! She won't be used to being awake and living during the night either. The house is colder, is dark outside and it tends to be very quiet. Her body will urge her to go back to sleep, but her baby will be urging her to tend to him.

Because babies need to feed during the night, new mothers may struggle not only to get the rest they need, but also sometimes to latch their baby correctly because they are alone and very tired. This can lead to getting sore nipples. Getting help during the night is available from Doula who will come to your house between 10pm-6am. I offer that support where I would sit with the baby and come to you when he needs a feed. I will help with the latch and sit with you. It will make those long nights not only bearable but also enjoyable. It will give you a great start.

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