The importance of support

Quite often we feel unsupported by our immediate family and friends, even when they are coming from a place of caring. They do not understand what a breastfeeding mum is going through, because it's such a complex and unique concoction of physical and psychological changes which only giving birth and breastfeeding can bring on.

Today at a breastfeeding support group there were two mum's I spent most of my time with. One of them I hadn't met before and she was the nearly at the end of her tether. She'd had a really rough ride so far. She had a need to vent first and foremost. Have someone who'd listen without judging her and who could understand where she is coming from. (To be honest, sometimes I can't relate 100% because sometimes it's an experience I've never had, but whatever story is told to me will be met with 100% empathy and support).

When we'd been chatting for a while this other mum joined in the conversation and they had such similar birth and feeding experiences. Totally different reasons why the had the births they did, but they were incredibly similar and these two women would not have met if it wasn't for the support group. Seeing them chatting and bonding and SMILING was amazing.

They both left happier than when they arrived, and they now have something to look forward to. They can take their feeding week by week. Yes, the physical support of getting help with positioning is important, but the emotional support can mean so much more and make a huge difference.

So if you're struggling or just feel generally a bit down, then find a group near you. xx

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